DWVO Fuel Pump Compatible with 1988-1995 Chevy Chevrolet GMC C/K 1500 2500 3500 4.3L 5.0L 5.7L 7.4L

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Brand: DWVO


  • DWVO fuel pump is designed as a replacement for your worn-out fuel system part, will help optimize your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency
  • Using an enhanced fourth-generation turbo pump as motor to provide proper power and fuel pressure, which will accelerate fuel atomizing and shorten engine start-up time
  • Adopting injection molding technology to strengthen plastic components of fuel pump assembly for improving the efficiency and stability of fuel delivery
  • This fuel pump assembly will meet even exceed OEM standards in fit, form and function, it's engineered to offer simple, trouble-free installation
  • All fuel pumps are 100% quality tested and are designed to deliver quiet operation, industry-leading performance and durability

Binding: Automotive


Fuel pump assembly fits for:

CHEVROLET C1500 93-90 V8-7.4L

CHEVROLET C1500 95-88 V6-4.3L

CHEVROLET C1500 95-88 V8-5.0L

CHEVROLET C1500 95-88 V8-5.7L

CHEVROLET C2500 93-91 V8-7.4L

CHEVROLET C2500 95-88 V6-4.3L

CHEVROLET C2500 95-88 V8-5.0L

CHEVROLET C2500 95-88 V8-5.7L

CHEVROLET C3500 93-88 V8-7.4L

CHEVROLET C3500 95-88 V8-5.7L

CHEVROLET K1500 95-88 V6-4.3L

CHEVROLET K1500 95-88 V8-5.0L

CHEVROLET K1500 95-88 V8-5.7L

CHEVROLET K2500 93-91 V8-7.4L

CHEVROLET K2500 95-88 V6-4.3L

CHEVROLET K2500 95-88 V8-5.0L

CHEVROLET K2500 95-88 V8-5.7L

CHEVROLET K3500 93-88 V8-7.4L

CHEVROLET TRUCK K1500 PICKUP; 305 (5.0L) 88-91  

CHEVROLET TRUCK K1500 PICKUP; 350 (5.7L) 88-91  

CHEVROLET TRUCK K2500 PICKUP; 262 (4.3L) 88-91  

CHEVROLET TRUCK K2500 PICKUP; 305 (5.0L) 88-91  

CHEVROLET TRUCK K2500 PICKUP; 350 (5.7L) 88-91  

CHEVROLET TRUCK K2500 PICKUP; 454 (7.4L) 88-91  

CHEVROLET TRUCK K3500 PICKUP; 350 (5.7L) 88-91 

GMC C1500 95-88 V8-5.0L

GMC C1500 95-88 V8-5.7L

GMC C2500 93-91 V8-7.4L

GMC C2500 95-88 V6-4.3L

GMC C2500 95-88 V8-5.0L

GMC C2500 95-88 V8-5.7L

GMC C3500 93-88 V8-7.4L

GMC C3500 95-88 V8-5.7L

GMC K1500 95-88 V6-4.3L

GMC K1500 95-88 V8-5.0L

GMC K1500 95-88 V8-5.7L

GMC K2500 93-91 V8-7.4L

GMC K2500 95-88 V6-4.3L

GMC K2500 95-88 V8-5.0L

GMC K2500 95-88 V8-5.7L

GMC K3500 93-88 V8-7.4L

GMC TRUCK K15/K1500 PICKUP; 262 (4.3L) 88-91  

GMC TRUCK K15/K1500 PICKUP; 305 (5.0L) 88-91  

GMC TRUCK K15/K1500 PICKUP; 350 (5.7L) 88-91  

GMC TRUCK K25/K2500 PICKUP; 262 (4.3L) 88-91

Package Dimensions: 16.3 x 11.1 x 6.3 inches