AUTOSAVER88 4 Inch Inlet Turn Down Exhaust Tip, 4" x 4" x 15"

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Color: Silver


  • Standard 4" x 4" x 15" inlet, outlet, and overall length respectively. Universally compatible with vehicles that have exhaust pipes with an outlet diameter of 4 inches.
  • Made from stainless steel and chrome-plated finishing to provide a sleek look to your car exhaust.
  • Protects your exhaust pipe from sunlight and rain to prevent rusting and deformation.
  • Bolt-on design easily fastens to the exhaust pipe after tightening screws.
  • Notice: Please measure the outlet diameter of your pipe prior to purchase of this exhaust tip and it should not be larger than the inlet diameter of the exhaust tip (4 inches).

Details: Installation Steps:
Step 1: Clean the surface of your tailpipe.
Clean the dirt and sand on your tailpipe with penetrating oil and a shop rag.
(Make sure your tailpipe is at room temperature, and do not clean the surface of the tailpipe after the car just went out).
Step 2: Slide the exhaust tip into your tailpipe.
Try to slide the exhaust tip into the tailpipe. You may encounter some resistance, so, if necessary, use automotive grease to lubricate the pieces.
Cover the end of the exhaust tip with a towel and tap it into a place with a rubber mallet.
Step 3: Fasten/weld the exhaust tip.
Tighten screws and clamps to secure the exhaust tips. Should you worry that it is not tight enough, you can weld a joint between the edges of the tailpipe and the exhaust tip.
Then, the installation is complete.

Protect the Original Tailpipe:
Protect the original exhaust pipe from sun and rain to prevent rusting and deformation.

Nice Looking:
The chrome-plated finish, bright as a mirror, makes the exhaust tip look shiny, and decorates your car nicely.

Inlet Size: 4 Inch Inside Diameter
Length: 15.0 Inch Overall Length
Material: Chrome-Plated Finish Stainless Steel
Package: 1 piece exhaust tip

Note: Please measure the size of your exhaust pipe prior to purchase of this exhaust tip.

Package Dimensions: 15.9 x 5.5 x 5.2 inches