(lot of 8)4pcs Car Universal 2 Hole Rubber Exhaust Hanger Bushing Muffler

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Brand: Timothy


  • Package include:4pcs 2 hole rubber exhaust hangers and 4pcs O ring rubber exhaust hangers
  • Dimension: 2 hole Rubber Exhaust Hanger (Length: 78mm/2.875 inch, Width: 48mm/1.875 inch, Height: 26mm/0.812 inch.) O ring exhaust hangers(Outside Diameter : 60mm /2.36 inch.Inside Diameter £º35mm / 1.38 inch hickness £º15mm / 0.59 inch)
  • APPLICATION:Reduce exhaust noise and reduces the height of the exhaust pipe with the car body as well as a contact surface.Better secure the exhaust and reduce vibration.
  • INSTALLATION STEPS-First: Cutting off the rubber from the exhaust Insulator. Second:Use a wire brush to remove dirt & remnant rubber from the hangers.Third: Apply silicone Lube to the retaining ends of the exhaust hangers. Fourth: Install the new rubber mount.(No Instruction Included)
  • INSTALLATION POSITION: The Exhaust isolator serves as the connecting part between the exhaust pipe bracket, muffler, and the chassis hanger. Installed in the hanging exhausts back boxes and exhaust mount.

Details: Color : Black

Package Dimensions: 8.1 x 6.2 x 1.5 inches