SEEBOO 12V Universal Electric Fuel Transfer Pump (3-6PSI) Kit, Compatible With All 12V Cars, Trucks, Boats, Carburetors, Lawn Mowers & Generators

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  • 〖12V fuel pump〗In-line electric fuel transfer pump. Model: HEP-02A, output pressure: 3-6PSI, input voltage: 12V, current: 1.5A, flow: 90-110LPH, inlet and outlet diameter: about 8mm, plunger fuel supply, stronger suction, fuel supply More stable, two-wire design, can be used as a booster, backup device or completely independent fuel pump installation, and can be installed anywhere.
  • 〖In-line fuel filter〗 FITS 5/16 "oil pipe-5/16" joint or connector at each end, transparent plastic shell, orange inner filter, with metal brass end caps on the top and bottom of the filter, Filter out impurities and precipitation in gasoline, reduce parts wear and protect the engine, direct installation, simple and convenient
  • 〖Enhanced fuel pipe〗 Material: NBR, operating temperature: -30℃~+135℃, working pressure: 20BAR, hardness: 70±5A. Suitable for parts in contact with oil such as fuel tanks, fuel pumps, engines, etc., conveying diesel, gasoline, engine oil, and lubricating oil, etc., with stable quality and long service life
  • 〖Set & Application〗 You will get a universal 12V (3-6PSI) electric fuel transfer pump + 2m/79-inch reinforced fuel pipe + 2PCS 5/16-inch fuel filter + 12 hose clamps & 1 screwdriver. Compatible electronic equipment, suitable for all 12 volt cars, trucks, boats, carburetors, lawn mowers and generators
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Details: Product features: Low-pressure fuel pump, fixed with 2 bolts, 2 wires design, easy to install and connect. Plunger fuel supply, stronger suction, more stable fuel supply, two-line design, can be used as a booster, backup device or completely independent fuel pump installation, and can be installed anywhere. Specifications: Type: Plunger type Fuel type: gasoline/diesel Output pressure: 3-6 PSI Pump flow: 90-110LPH Current: 1.5A Voltage: 12 V Hose size: 8 mm (5/16 inch) Mounting hole: 6.7 cm (2.64 inches) Total length (pump to pipe end): 145 mm (5.71 inches) Movement material: copper clad aluminum Cross reference: E8012S, FD0002, P60430, EP12S, 6414671 Suitable for: all 12 volt cars, trucks, boats and generators, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Mazda and any other suitable cars. Note: 1. This is a 12V fuel pump. When installing, the customer should ensure that the voltage is 12V, not 24V. 2. It is best to test the positive and negative poles before installation. 3. There is some diesel in the fuel pump to keep the pump in good condition. There may be leakage of diesel in the package, please understand! Package contains: 1 × 12V electric fuel transfer pump 1 × 79 inch fuel pipe 2 × Fuel filter 12 × Fuel pipe clamp 1 × Screwdriver The electric fuel pump is manufactured with reliable materials and exquisite craftsmanship, conforms to OE or better standards, and has an exquisite structure. Each product is tested before shipment to ensure that all products are working properly.

Package Dimensions: 8.7 x 8.7 x 3.7 inches